Wellbeing Week 2022

By Kat Henderson
HR and Office Assistant

Wellbeing Week this year commenced the 21st February and what a week it was!

As always, the primary focus was to raise awareness of maintaining our mental health in the workplace – whether that be working from home or in the office – we care about all our employees here at Electric Square and to show it, here are a few of the webinars and workshops we put on that week:

• Transforming Moments in Your Day

• Sound Bath

• Thai Chi

• The Psychology of Money

• Your Blueprint for Confidence

• Maintaining Mental Health

• Mindfulness for Creativity

• Meditation, Nidra and Sound

• What To Eat for More Energy

• Work/Life Balance

As always at Electric Square, we can’t help but inject a little fun into everything we do, so, we ran a few evening workshops too including Felting Your Own Character and Marbling with local artists Lisa Ibbertson – check out some of ES’s finest below in action!

See what a few of our Electrons had to say below

I liked the interaction between everyone
Thank you so much, you introduced me to a tea I would not have tried normally (Peace tea) and I really enjoyed it. I loved awaking my senses with the tea before the mediation. I was definitely more in turn with my body after. It highlighted I need to do more meditation and not keep putting it off.
Loved the sound bath!